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The foundation of Merle's interest is a deep urge to understand the nature of ourselves and our role in this world, how we interact with other species, plants, micro-organisms in our gut, etc. Merle Bergers sees her role as a designer to pivot the way we deal with the relationships with other 'invisible' realms, in science and nature. She tries to get to know these worlds thoroughly with the help of scientists and other professionals and then explain my findings via the use of (interactive) design.



         Dutch Design Week

         - Embassy of Food with Microbiota to go 

         - Secrid exhibition with Understory

         Museum für Gestaltung Zürich - Plant Fever

         Museum Tot Zover displaying What's in a tear 

         Scentography at Jasper Griepinks EARTHSHRINE at MU Eindhoven

         Scentography at Fotodok for photographer Peggy van Mosselaar


          Museum für Gestaltung Zürich - Plant Fever 

          Museum tot Zover displaying What's in a tear 

          Masterly the Hague

          Cube Museum - (Re)design death

          CID Grand Hornu - Plant Fever




          Cube Museum - (Re)design death

          CID Grand Hornu - Plant Fever 

          Yksi Eindhoven - DDW exhibition

          Participant at Object Rotterdam


          Object Rotterdam - launched Lingua Planta

          Participated at the opening exhibition of gallery Neus

          Materia - Barcelona with What's in a Tear

          Scent performances at Neuhaus, Nieuwe instituut, Rotterdam

          Material Connections - London Design Festival

          Dutch Design Week exhibition at Driving Dutch Design

          Participant of Driving Dutch Design 


          Graduated Cum Laude from Design Academy

          G18 Graduation show - DDW

          Agri Meets Design - Dutch Design Week 

          Participated in Mad International Summer school of Design

          Participant of Made Labs - Syracuse


         Mediamatic lectures Biotalks

         Internship at Foodcurators - Rotterdam

         Tummy Talks - Bochum

         Bizarre Sound Creatures - Dutch Design Week

         Participated Paris Design Week - Thinking food design

         Participated in the Eat Shit exhibition Salone del Mobile Milan

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Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


Do It Ourselves: A new mentality in Dutch Design, book by Jeroen Junte. Publications in Vogue living, Dezeen, Elle Decor, Mister Motley, Arts Thread, Trouw, de Volkskrant, Radio 1, Mold magazine etc.

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