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Bespoke scent making

Merle is a conceptual designer working with scent as a material to tell stories. Stories about where we come from and where we'd like to go. Scent might seem to be invisible, it finds a direct translation in our body and our brain. A translation that can be made very tangible by our own associations, individual and collective..

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Lingua Planta

Scents make up the many sorts of volatile organic compounds used by plants to send out messages. There are thousands of these substances, twelve of which active in each and every plant.

These compounds are fused into communication cocktails by the plant itself, each having its own particular speci city and purpose. This phenomena of signaling via volatiles is divided into three reactions; to attract, repel and defend.

These volatiles are already used in agricultural systems, substantiated by a scientific community that does avid research on cross-species ‘communication’. However, the Lingua Planta project aims at a non-derogatory perspective on plants’ perfume production systems. To bring an understanding of plant communication to humans so we might experience a different feeling towards these living beings.


What's in a tear

What if a spectrum of emotions could be captured?

I discovered how to extract the minerals from tears and transform these into a pearl thing I call tear stones. This physical manifestation of the transmutation of matter is then set in a piece of jewelry. In this way you can capture tears at a special moment and keep them with you as a timeless reminder of a story once lived. The project was based on the way we deal with tears in public. How we are sometimes embarrassed by a thing that is actually shows we are human, dealing with emotion just like everybody else. I believe in showing these emotions we can find a way to connect and empathize with each other.



Ritual can help us reconnect with ourselves, one another and our eco-systems. Candles have been burned since ancient times to find comfort during changes in our lives. This is why Merle Bergers designed this handmade ceramic object to bring solace in a time of many ecological transformations.

A powerful, smokey scent with  the odour of a smoldering forest fire is slowly wrapped in the soothing energy of cedarwood and olibanum. The warming fumes of resinous materials and ambrette seeds are known to have a calming effects on human beings. 



Previous work done in and outside Design Academy Eindhoven 2013-2018


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